Kouyate, (El Hadj) Djeli Sory. 1992. Guinée: Anthologie du balafon mandingue. Vol 3. Buda, 92535-2.


A nostalgic tune composed after the wrecking of a ferry boat in Mamou in 1956, in which a young married couple died.

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There are numerous versions of "56" (the year Gaston Deferre passed his outline law, and Sekou Touré became mayor of Conakry).

Yàden ka wulâ Let's all go to the bush Allons ensemble au brousse
Yàden ka wurô let's go to the pasture field Allons ensemble au pâturage
Nyalbi tyettyi ko lekki let young heifers keep us from need Que les jeunes génisses nous préservent de la pauvreté
bàsal bhè let's stop fighting wars Qu'on ne fasse plus la guerre
Nyalbi tyettyi ko lekki bàsal bhè war is no good, people of Guinea, civil war is no good La guerre, ce n'est pas bon,
Yaàden ka wulâ I come from Fouta Djallon and my name is Fatou Nylon Guinéens, sachez que la guerre civile n'est pas bonne,
Yàden ka wurô let our hearts beat together for peace, Oui, je suis originaire du Fouta Djallon, c'est bien moi, Fatou Nylon
Kori tertè gèrè and our country will move ahead Si tous nos coeurs vibrent à l'unisson et à la paix, notre pays ira de l'avant
Banni ko Fuuta Dyalo mi dyèyà Hi Diallo, son of Hadja Souleymane Salut Diallo, fils de Hadja Souleymane
Si bherndè no bhutti, leydi yàray yèso. God's blessing is the best fortune one can own! La bénédiction est la plus grande fortune qu'un homme puisse posséder!

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(See Charry, 2000.)(Guitar transcription.)

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G tuning (transcription 27, Cinquante-six) may have been popularized in Guinea in a piece known as Cinquante-six (referring to the year 1956) or Makale, a variant of Jarabi (N. Kouyate 1994-per.) Like Jarabi F tuning, in Cinquante-six a strong G-D to A-D (1-5 to 2-5) bass alternation is made easier by the two altered bass strings.49

Fula Flute. 2008. Mansa America. Completely Nuts.


In 1956, a new generation of cadres started to take charge of the public administration of Guinea in anticipation of the country's independence. This song by Barry Trois celebrates them.