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A traditional rhythm to which African women present the skill and beauty of their dancing.

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Region: Bená; Ethnic group: Sousou

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(Mané / Manneh)

Song for women.

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Mane is a sousou song for women.

You all laugh together. You can see a man's nice clothes, but you don't see in his heart. The world's name is, "many days."

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This rhythm is from the Susu people of coastal Guinea. It is one of many rhythms qualified as "Guinea Faré" or Women's Dances.

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Manè is from the west coast of Guinea, Mané is originally from the Su-Su people. Traditionally this rhythm is played in honor of women who are in their prime.

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(Benna Mané)

From the Susu people in the Benna region. Typically this is a women's dance.

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From Base [sic] Guinea. Also played during various Soussou ceremonies.

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Mane is a Sousou song from the region of Guinea-Bassa [sic]. It is played for wedding and baptism celebrations.

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Mane is Guinea Fare, is Guinea Fare family. Guinea is "woman". Fare is "dance". Inside, you got Mane. You got the Temoure, you got the Yogui. We play Mane with balaphone because in Mane, we don't have sangban, dundun, kenkeni. Mostly, Mane is Soussou people's music. The Soussou people play Mane. They play Mane for the celebration, wedding, happy dance, coming together.

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Susu rhythm from coastal Guinea, played before marriage.