fula fare

Diabate, Karamba. 1996? Journey Into Rhythm: The Rhythms & Music of Guinea West Africa. 2 vols. Third Ear Productions.

(Fula Fare)

Fula fare is a dance of the Fulani, a semi-nomadic people who may be found in most of the countries of West Africa. Fula fare is played for celebration, marriage, and initiation.*

* Transcription mine.

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p. 218

Malian Maninka drummers head north to the capital city Bamako, where they encounter rhythms from the northern savanna and sahel regions. Since these rhythms are not from their home tradition, they label them simply by the ethnic affiliations of the people they come from: . . . Peuhls/Fula (Mamadou Kante 1993-disc; Polak 1996-disc); . . .

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(Fula Faré)

From the Futa-Djalon region of Guinea.

This rhythm is from the Fula people. It is about children telling their parents that they want to go to school. They understand how important it is to be educated and urge all parents to send their children to school.