sidi yella

Suso, Salieu. 1993. Griot. Lyrichord, LYRCD 7418.

(Siddy Yellah)

"Siddy" is a title reserved for a great man, a man dedicated to the community. He sees to its physical well being by providing work and encouraging people to work hard, and he is a great healer. He also sees to the community's spiritual well being by teaching about the Koran. "Siddy Yellah" means "Siddy has Died".

Various Artists. 2002. Badenya: Manden Jaliyaa in New York City. Smithsonian Folkways, SFW CD 40494.

(Sidi Yellah)

A modern elegy to Sidi Aidara, a highly regarded religious and community leader in Gambia, during the 1920s.

Sara gallau, sara gallau, bai nal kef wonunu, sara gall au. Indeed he was, indeed he was a scholar of the Qur'an.
Sidi yellah, Sidi yellah, kara Burama fama alene Sidi kumbo. Sidi has died, Sidi has died, the father of the Marabout Ibraihim has died.
Sidi yellah, Sidi yellah, Sidi yellah, Sahel linko. Sidi bas died, Sidi has died, Sidi from the Sahel has died.
Sara galla, Sara gallah, Sara gallau, wo, Sara gallah bai nal kefwonunu, sara gallah. Indeed he was, indeed he was a scholar of the Qur'an.
Aidara banin Quraes nin banin Has Minka alina sidifo kumba Aidara. He was kin to Muhammed from Quarase and from Has Minka, in the region of Mecca, let's mourn for Aidara
Sidifobe larim, Sidifobe, larim, Aidara ah, Sidi yellah. Sidi lay down, Sidi lay down, Sidi has died.
Sidifo yellah lumena dibo dunta sanji manke. The day Sidi died, a dark cloud covered the Earth
Satano lu luba kumbo la Sidi yellah, Ji nolu ba kumbo la Sidi yellah. Even Satan and the jinn are mourning too; Sidi has died.
Jinolu bakumba la Subhana Allahi-wa... All the jinn give praise to Allah...