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pp. 146–59 (Appendix 2: Balafon Repertoire)

Title Sinyaaro
Translation: Name
Dedication: Same
Notes: composed by Maudo Suso's father for a friend
Calling in Life: Folk hero, friend
Original Instrument: Balafon
Region of Origin: Wuli
Date of Origin: L (after WWII)
Sources: 5 (M. Suso)

Mandeng Tunya. 1997. M’Fake. Mandinka Magic Music. U.S. cassette.


A derivation of "Kelefaba" originally written as a praise song for Sinyaro of djendjénbure. As is common in this musical tradition, the melody has been adapted for use by each new generation as the base for new donkilo (vocal songs) and may be found under a variety of different names.

Suso, Foday Musa, and Bill Laswell. 1997. Jali Kunda: Griots of West Africa and Beyond. Ellipsis Arts, CD3511.


A praise song honoring Sinyaro, a wealthy nineteenth-century patron of the Griots, for his kindness. While the song honors Sinyaro, it also includes vocal improvisations that praise living friends and neighbors within the context of standard song text. The chorus is:

"Sinyaro of Janjanboure
You have been blessed
With a prayer from your mother and father."