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(Tokonou Lassidan)

A tune dedicated to warrant officer Tokonou, who never cleaned his teeth in his whole life. He spat on criminals rather than beat them.

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A song from Kita. The title refers to someone who does good work in Manding society.

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From Conakry City.

Lasidan is a song about belonging and having a home. We love what we have in Africa—our life and our culture. In African culture there are many stories. We know that it is important to look after our culture and what we have. That is why we sing about it so that we never lose it and we can remind ourselves and other people about our traditions and culture. The song talks about the importance of looking after everything that you love and hold precious in your life.

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(L'Adjudant / L'Adjutant)

Song in honor of soldiers who went to war during the colonial period. At that time, the highest rank for the Guinean soldiers was adjutant [sic].

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(LosDon / LasDon)

This rhythm is a popular song played for celebrations. This is a military song.